Getting Fit-ted for summer!

Getting Fit-ted for summer!

With summer on the horizon, we all have great intentions of getting fitter to achieve that bikini body but did you know that getting your bra properly fitted can also make a real difference to your shape? In the summer, T shirt bras are very popular because of the smooth look they offer under close fitting or plain T shirts, however, they can sometimes be more difficult to find the best fit and shape.

With so many styles to choose from where do you start?

Getting measured for a bra is a very general term but in our stores we offer a true fitting service, ensuring that you get the best fit and shape in your bra for the best look for you!

T shirt bras come in all sorts of styles from Balconette, Plunge, push up and minimiser – our expert fitters will help you find the best style for your shape, helping to make sure your bra is a great investment for the summer!

Moulded bras DON’T just make you bigger!

Most women beyond a D cup think moulded or padded bras will make you bigger – they won’t.  What they will do is give you a more rounded shape but to get a lift in a smooth bra, some moulding is essential.  The Madison T shirt bra from Prima Donna is an excellent bra – available up to a G cup, the deep bridge gives excellent support while offering a smooth finish under your clothes.

T shirt bras don’t all have to be Nude!

Many of our customers want their T shirt bra not top be seen under a white T shirt but when you are purchasing your T shirt bra have a think about what’s in your wardrobe- probably all sorts of colours!  As long as its smooth, many of our T shirt bras will be great worn under many different colours.  The Avero from Marie Jo, while also available in Nude, is for this spring, available in Ice Blue.  With its trademark Daisy straps now almost a fashion accessory, this bra is definitely one you wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of!

Happy to help.

Our fitting consultations are complimentary and available with out appointment, however, please feel free to ring and chat to us prior to your visit or email us  with any questions!

We hope to see you soon!

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Bras are like shoes

How on earth are bras like shoes?

When I say this in the fitting room, most people wonder what I’m talking about!  If you have been in our stores or have ever been in a conversation with us about bra fitting you will know that we are passionate about educating women on not only bra fitting but also educating them on the subject of their lingerie wardrobes in general!

According to Van de Velde, the makers of one our most popular brands Marie Jo and Prima Donna, approximately 70% of women wear just black or white bras. I often add if we included skin tone into the equation, the results in Northern Ireland would be 90% !  I think we are a country full of practical and busy women for who lingerie can often be thought of as a basic necessity. As long as you have one good bra, you are sorted.  We often get women instore trying desperately to find that one good bra – which usually requires the bra to have the following attributes –

good support but fine straps, smooth for under T shirts but not plain,a colour that you can wear under everything but not boring, has all the support of a sports bra but pretty, in other words, one bra that will work under all outfits regardless of shape, colour or purpose!

This leads me to our well practised ‘bras are like shoes’ talk!  I imagine that none of us would dream of having just the one pair of shoes and expecting them to work with all our outfits – in fact we may well have more shoes than outfits!  We need to take the same thinking and apply it to our lingerie – not only will the entire shape of your outfit depend on the well fitting nature of your lingerie but a little thought on the main types of bras you are likely to need will ensure you are ready for every occasion!

Everyday bras should be good fitting and generally take into consideration the style of clothes you are wearing during the day e.g work blouse/ tshirts and go for a style of bra that’s going to easily work with those outfits.  Colours are obviously going to include skintone/ black as practical colours but why not add a splash of colour and exchange your black for a navy or your skintone for a pink/peach?

Occasional wear bras like strapless/ halterneck may seem less important but generally the type of outfits needing this lingerie can really need a good shape bra hence the need to make sure they are well fitted!  Many of our ranges can be dual purpose like the Avero from Marie Jo which has styles that can be worn as Tshirt or strapless/ halterneck.

Both Orchid & The Lingerie Room offer fitting consultations with our lingerie stylists who are able to offer expert advice not only on fitting but on bra styles.  Why not call instore for a complimentary fitting and see what changes you can make to your lingerie wardrobe?


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10 Things to know when buying a T shirt bra!


  1. You need to be fitted, not measured – While this is really true for most bras, it is particularly important for the t-shirt bra.  As most t-shirt bras are one-section cups, they can fit a little smaller as there is no stretch in the cup.
  2. T-shirt bras will give a rounder shape – while we all want our bras to be multi – purpose, there is only so much you can ask a t-shirt bra to do!  A smooth cup will not always be able to push in and up and flatten at the same time! As we tell our customers in the fitting room – bras are like shoes, you need certain ones for certain outfits!
  3. Overhang – the dreaded bits of flesh we all have under the armpit when wearing close fitting clothes.  It is really important not to buy a bra that is too big around the back just to avoid this –you will find what you gain in the back you will lose in support at the front.  Instead if you are conscious of this, go for a bra with a wider band at the side to give extra support and comfort.
  4. Skintone is the best for wearing under white – we all like a crisp white strap in the summer but the only colour which won’t show through at all is skintone.
  5. Luckily red is the new skintone – yes really –red!  Or actually anything with a pink or peach tone will work almost as well as skintone on a pale skin colour.
  6. Are all your summer t-shirts white? When showing our pastel summer colours to customers, we are always faced with the question – but won’t that show through? However, when you think through your wardrobe, are all your summer clothes just white?  With a vast array of beautiful summer colours, be bold and wear a little colour!
  7. Go for pretty straps – that way if they do peek out from your vest top they will be worth noticing!
  8. A t-shirt bra doesn’t always have to be plain – believe it or not, many of our t-shirt bra styles will have lace detail subtly placed under the armpit, on the underband or even a sooth self pattern on the fabric!
  9. All over lace on the cups can appear smooth – it is when there is a break in the fabric or seam that lines can be seen.  A very fine lace can actually work really well instead!
  10. A t-shirt bra can be a great investment.  When you find a shape and style that fits you well, in a colour that works with your wardrobe, it’s worth investing – you are all set to wear it as your everyday bra all over the summer months, without thinking what you need to put on everyday!tshirt bra collage
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Fitting or measuring?

Bra fitting or bra measuring – is there a difference?  At a very busy time for fittings instore, the answer is absolutely YES IT DOES!!!

 Many lingerie departments ‘measure’ the bust – quite a feat as really there are no two breasts the same never mind 2 people the same! The ‘answer’ to their measurement must mean you are a certain size in all bras which often does not work at all. As independent trained fitters, we offer something different. While we also use measuring tapes as a guide, we understand that different bras by different companies will fit differently! Our expert fitters will have the product knowledge on all our ranges to ensure you will be fitted in the style and size appropriate for your shape, comfort and purpose.

Bras fit differently for a number of reasons – for example, one of which is the fabric used across the back of the bra.  Some fabrics have more stretch than others, as do different types of lace.  Our staff will know the properties of all our products and will be able to recommend bras suitable for your body size and shape.

So if you are thinking about a new bra for this season, then make sure you try our ‘bra fitting’ service – you’ll see and feel the difference!  No appointment necessary!


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Breast Care Lingerie Choices

Breastcare ad tatler

Read our advice on choices for women facing breast surgery in this month’s Ulster Tatler.

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New Year New You!

We all start New Year with a list of things we are enthusiastic about changing in our lives – whether it be a new diet, new exercise regime or new skills but generally for women while we want to make changes, the time it takes to implement these changes is scarce!

In Orchid & The Lingerie Room, our main aim is to help women realise their own worth as they are and be happy with their bodies – by starting with the inside out!

Here are some of our top tips on how we can help:

1. Start with getting fitted!

A correct fitting bra can make such a difference not only to your bust shape but also your waistline!  The ‘lift’ we all want comes from a firm fitting bra – in store we find one of the most common problems is too big a back size giving way to the ‘sagging’ look!  With the correct size, your bust should be well lifted and supported elongating your body giving a slimming effect!

Couture_Black_low_res (2)

2. Don’t live in black and white!

Life would be dull if everything was black and white so if you do nothing else with your lingerie this year then make sure you inject some colour into your lingerie wardrobe!  It doesn’t have to be racy red – soft pastel colours are so soft and feminine – able to be worn under all sorts of clothes but so much prettier and good for the soul!

MarieJo_Avero_Orchid_low-res (2)


3. Love yourself, love lingerie

Lingerie started off as a practical necessity, and to many women today that is all it is seen as.  But as beauty starts from within -why not start the day in matching bra and briefs, and comfortable, ones at that!  If you don’t usually wear matching sets, treat yourself – make sure your wardrobe this spring allows the choice of one matching set and feel the difference in looking after yourself in such a simple but feminine way!

Make your lingerie your new years resolution – call instore for lingerie fitting and styling advice, no appointment necessary!



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Launch of Theya Lingerie @ Orchid & The Lingerie Room


We are delighted to announce the launch of new brand Theya in our stores!

Theya is a post surgery range, designed in Ireland.  Not only is it the softest and prettiest range we have seen in this market, it has some of the most practical features you could hope to see, made possible with a great deal of input from women who have experience breast surgery.

Made from 80% bamboo, the fabric is 300 times more absorbant than cotton, which pulls perspiration away from the skin, allowing it to keep you cool and fresh.  It is hypoallergenice, thermo – regulating and even has antibacterial properties!  It feels like cashmere on the skin and with the delicate rose pattern along the edge, looks feminine too.

The range includes 2 bras, a back fastening and a front opening, with a matching support brief too.

We feel, for women going through this immensly difficult period, the Theya bra will offer something extremely comfortable and beneficial.

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Cups & Cupcakes Coffee Morning for Action Cancer

shutterstock_cupcake (549x640)

Join us for our annual coffee morning in support of Action Cancer’s Breast Screening Programme – a great fun morning awaits you with some excellent ‘hands-on’ advice from Action cancer’s Health promotion team as well as a fantastic raffle with all proceeds going to the charity.  We look forward to seeing you there –

Friday 23rd October 2015      11am – 1pm      Orchid Lingerie Belfast

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2015


October, as most of now know, is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Every year, we take this opportunity to highlight the importance of checking your breasts for any lumps or noticeable changes, as early detection really does make such a difference.  This month, we will have health promotion tools instore to give you some information on the best advice on how to check and all customers will receive a little information leaflet to take home.  We hope this information will be useful in helping women to make time to do this for themselves.

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Bust Tour

In July 2012 we saw Alex Best back in Belfast to launch our latest campaign The Bust Tour!

Every year we try to increase awareness of the need for women to wear the correct fitting underwear, to help with comfort, fit, shape and posture.
The Bust Tour has seen Yvonne, Jocelyn and their team of Lingerie Stylists travel around Northern Ireland with their Bust Shelter, offering a free measuring service to women.

So far, the Bust Tour has stopped at Pollini Moira, Oasis stores province wide and a number of womens groups.  So far the statistic of women wearing the wrong bra size has increased to 90% !

So if you would like the Bust Tour to stop at your venue or group, contact Jocelyn by emailing or telephone Yvonne on 028 8772 3181.

Bust Tour Talk at local Womens Institute Meeting April 2015

bust-tour-2015-1 bust-tour-2015-2

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