Bras are like shoes

Bras are like shoes

How on earth are bras like shoes?

When I say this in the fitting room, most people wonder what I’m talking about!  If you have been in our stores or have ever been in a conversation with us about bra fitting you will know that we are passionate about educating women on not only bra fitting but also educating them on the subject of their lingerie wardrobes in general!

According to Van de Velde, the makers of one our most popular brands Marie Jo and Prima Donna, approximately 70% of women wear just black or white bras. I often add if we included skin tone into the equation, the results in Northern Ireland would be 90% !  I think we are a country full of practical and busy women for who lingerie can often be thought of as a basic necessity. As long as you have one good bra, you are sorted.  We often get women instore trying desperately to find that one good bra – which usually requires the bra to have the following attributes –

good support but fine straps, smooth for under T shirts but not plain,a colour that you can wear under everything but not boring, has all the support of a sports bra but pretty, in other words, one bra that will work under all outfits regardless of shape, colour or purpose!

This leads me to our well practised ‘bras are like shoes’ talk!  I imagine that none of us would dream of having just the one pair of shoes and expecting them to work with all our outfits – in fact we may well have more shoes than outfits!  We need to take the same thinking and apply it to our lingerie – not only will the entire shape of your outfit depend on the well fitting nature of your lingerie but a little thought on the main types of bras you are likely to need will ensure you are ready for every occasion!

Everyday bras should be good fitting and generally take into consideration the style of clothes you are wearing during the day e.g work blouse/ tshirts and go for a style of bra that’s going to easily work with those outfits.  Colours are obviously going to include skintone/ black as practical colours but why not add a splash of colour and exchange your black for a navy or your skintone for a pink/peach?

Occasional wear bras like strapless/ halterneck may seem less important but generally the type of outfits needing this lingerie can really need a good shape bra hence the need to make sure they are well fitted!  Many of our ranges can be dual purpose like the Avero from Marie Jo which has styles that can be worn as Tshirt or strapless/ halterneck.

Both Orchid & The Lingerie Room offer fitting consultations with our lingerie stylists who are able to offer expert advice not only on fitting but on bra styles.  Why not call instore for a complimentary fitting and see what changes you can make to your lingerie wardrobe?