Fashion Forms Backless Strapless Bra

Fashion Forms Backless Strapless Bra


Fashion Forms Backless Strapless bra is the perfect solution for backless dresses.

Its lightweight, moulded cups give a good coverage. The underwire in the cups offers support.  This then allows the boost padding to give that extra lift!

The clear wings stick onto the body with a medical grade adhesive.  This allows confidence that the bra will stay on the body.

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The ultimate boost backless strapless bra from Fashion Forms really is a fantastic solution to backless dresses.

To wear, there are key points to follow to ensure maximum support and comfort.

  1. Always ensure the skin is clean, dry and free from moisturisers, tan, deoderants etc.
  2. Remove the plastic cover from the wings but keep safely to recover after use.
  3. Lean forward, whilst positioning the stick on bra where you would normally place your own bra.
  4. You can peel off and re position the bra until you fond the perfect postion for your shape and outfit.
  5. This product contains hypo-allergenic materials, however, some sensitivities may occur for some wearers.
  6. We always recommend you take a skin test, or wear the product for a short while to ensure compatability with your skin before wearing for a longer period.
  7. If any sensitivity or irritation does occur, stop wearing the product and wash the affected area with clean water.
  8. Do not use on dry, sensitive or sunburnt skin
  9. Do not wear overnight.

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