New Year New You!

New Year New You!

We all start New Year with a list of things we are enthusiastic about changing in our lives – whether it be a new diet, new exercise regime or new skills but generally for women while we want to make changes, the time it takes to implement these changes is scarce!
In Orchid & The Lingerie Room, our main aim is to help women realise their own worth as they are and be happy with their bodies – by starting with the inside out!

Here are some of our top tips on how we can help:

1. Start with getting fitted!

A correct fitting bra can make such a difference not only to your bust shape but also your waistline!  The ‘lift’ we all want comes from a firm fitting bra – in store we find one of the most common problems is too big a back size giving way to the ‘sagging’ look!  With the correct size, your bust should be well lifted and supported elongating your body giving a slimming effect!

Couture_Black_low_res (2)

2. Don’t live in black and white!

Life would be dull if everything was black and white so if you do nothing else with your lingerie this year then make sure you inject some colour into your lingerie wardrobe!  It doesn’t have to be racy red – soft pastel colours are so soft and feminine – able to be worn under all sorts of clothes but so much prettier and good for the soul!

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3. Love yourself, love lingerie

Lingerie started off as a practical necessity, and to many women today that is all it is seen as.  But as beauty starts from within -why not start the day in matching bra and briefs, and comfortable, ones at that!  If you don’t usually wear matching sets, treat yourself – make sure your wardrobe this spring allows the choice of one matching set and feel the difference in looking after yourself in such a simple but feminine way!

Make your lingerie your new years resolution – call instore for lingerie fitting and styling advice, no appointment necessary!