Bust Tour

Bust Tour

In July 2012 we saw Alex Best back in Belfast to launch our latest campaign The Bust Tour!
Every year we try to increase awareness of the need for women to wear the correct fitting underwear, to help with comfort, fit, shape and posture.
The Bust Tour has seen Yvonne, Jocelyn and their team of Lingerie Stylists travel around Northern Ireland with their Bust Shelter, offering a free measuring service to women.

So far, the Bust Tour has stopped at Pollini Moira, Oasis stores province wide and a number of womens groups.  So far the statistic of women wearing the wrong bra size has increased to 90% !

So if you would like the Bust Tour to stop at your venue or group, contact Jocelyn by emailing enquiries@orchidlingerie.co.uk or telephone Yvonne on 028 8772 3181.

Bust Tour Talk at local Womens Institute Meeting April 2015

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