Fitting or measuring?

Fitting or measuring?

Bra fitting or bra measuring – is there a difference?

At a very busy time for fittings instore, the answer is absolutely YES IT DOES!!!

Many lingerie departments ‘measure’ the bust – quite a feat as really there are no two breasts the same never mind 2 people the same! The ‘answer’ to their measurement must mean you are a certain size in all bras which often does not work at all. As independent trained fitters, we offer something different. While we also use measuring tapes as a guide, we understand that different bras by different companies will fit differently! Our expert fitters will have the product knowledge on all our ranges to ensure you will be fitted in the style and size appropriate for your shape, comfort and purpose.

Bras fit differently for a number of reasons – for example, one of which is the fabric used across the back of the bra.  Some fabrics have more stretch than others, as do different types of lace.  Our staff will know the properties of all our products and will be able to recommend bras suitable for your body size and shape.

So if you are thinking about a new bra for this season, then make sure you try our ‘bra fitting’ service – you’ll see and feel the difference!  No appointment necessary!