Getting Fit-ted for summer!

Getting Fit-ted for summer!

Getting Fit-ted for summer!

With summer on the horizon, we all have great intentions of getting fitter to achieve that bikini body but did you know that getting your bra properly fitted can also make a real difference to your shape? In the summer, T shirt bras are very popular because of the smooth look they offer under close fitting or plain T shirts, however, they can sometimes be more difficult to find the best fit and shape.

With so many styles to choose from where do you start?

Getting measured for a bra is a very general term but in our stores we offer a true fitting service, ensuring that you get the best fit and shape in your bra for the best look for you!

T shirt bras come in all sorts of styles from Balconette, Plunge, push up and minimiser – our expert fitters will help you find the best style for your shape, helping to make sure your bra is a great investment for the summer!

Moulded bras DON’T just make you bigger!

Most women beyond a D cup think moulded or padded bras will make you bigger – they won’t.  What they will do is give you a more rounded shape but to get a lift in a smooth bra, some moulding is essential.  The Madison T shirt bra from Prima Donna is an excellent bra – available up to a G cup, the deep bridge gives excellent support while offering a smooth finish under your clothes.

T shirt bras don’t all have to be Nude!

Many of our customers want their T shirt bra not top be seen under a white T shirt but when you are purchasing your T shirt bra have a think about what’s in your wardrobe- probably all sorts of colours!  As long as its smooth, many of our T shirt bras will be great worn under many different colours.  The Avero from Marie Jo, while also available in Nude, is for this spring, available in Ice Blue.  With its trademark Daisy straps now almost a fashion accessory, this bra is definitely one you wouldn’t mind catching a glimpse of!

Happy to help.

Our fitting consultations are complimentary and available with out appointment, however, please feel free to ring and chat to us prior to your visit or email us  with any questions!

We hope to see you soon!